What’s with this whole ‘SWAYA’ thing?

'SWAYA' stands for 'So… What Are You, Anyway?' the name of an annual one-day conference held at Harvard to confront issues of mixed-race identity and politics. We like acronyms (a lot), so don't be surprised to see this one around a lot.

Who is hosting SWAYA?

SWAYA is hosted by the Harvard Half-Asian People’s Association, in conjunction with the Harvard Foundation for intercultural and race relations, SwirlBoston, and Harvard ReMixed.

What kinds of things happen at this conference?

The conference allows for a variety of lectures, discussion groups, and student panels that discuss issues of multiracialism. More importantly, the conference enables a lot of informal discussion among really awesome people who share similar interests. For more information, view the schedule.

Is the conference free?

All of the conference activities during the day (lectures, discussion groups, student panels) are free and open to the public. We ask that you register in advance for planning purposes. The closing dinner, at which we will present the Cultural Pioneer award to Kip Fulbeck, is $7 for high school and college students and $15 for all other community members.

I’m a university student at another campus in New England - can I still attend?

Definitely! The conference attracts a large number of students from other universities in the northeast, and we love welcoming students of all backgrounds to our event. Additionally, on-campus hosting is available for visiting students - fill out the registration stuff if you’re interested.

I’m not a student anymore, but I’m still interested in coming to the day’s events - is that okay?

YES! Community members are welcome and encouraged to join us for some or all of the day.

Who is Kip Fulbeck? Why is he coming to Harvard?

He is an awesome, awesome guy, and we are extremely excited to present him with our inaugural Cultural Pioneer Award.

My question hasn’t been answered here - who can I contact?

Feel free to shoot an email to Alexa Stern (astern12 at college.harvard.edu) or Lange Luntao (langeluntao12 at college.harvard.edu).